Unique Uses for Fennel Seed & Minced Onion

castagnaccio cake filled with fennel seed and brown dense cake with a sprig of mint on top

Today we're giving you some inspiration on how to use fennel seed in non-traditional ways. Fennel seeds are normally used for dishes that are savory such as breads, stews, and rice, but have you had it in ice cream or cake? Fennel seeds deliver that balance of grassy notes with a licorice-anise finish.

Our organic minced onion is used to make broths, soups, stews, vegetable dishes, marinades. This hardy cold season crop reaches maturity when the top starts to yellow and fold over. When the tops are completely brown the onions are pulled from the ground. Sliced and laid out on screens, the onions are dehydrated and made into dried pieces, sized to specification -- minced! We're giving you some ideas below:

black pasta with a white cream sauce and panko crumbs and fish roe

Black seafood pasta using all ingredients from the sea. The squid ink has a more neutral taste but hints of salty brine from the ocean. The color is powerful and this dish is mixed with salmon, dried minced onion, and salmon roe.


It's an Italian cake made out of chestnut flour with brown sugar and pine nuts and raisins with fennel seed. It's dense, gluten-free, and satisfying. Serve with a dollop of fresh ricotta or dessert wine.

castagnaccio cake filled with fennel seed and brown dense cake with a sprig of mint on top

Did you know?
There are 27 types of onions! Some other varieties are pearl, Egyptian, Bermuda, shallots, super-sweets to name a few.

three crepe bundles tied with with green onion sprig on a white plate with fresh produce in the background

Fried oyster mushrooms mixed with our organic minced onion stuffed inside a crepe-like pouch tied with a green onion sprig. When you break it open, it's a little bit like a treasure inside! These are great appetizers and are fun to make!

It's a mouthful! If you love strawberry ice cream you'll love this unique pairing. The sweet balsamic drizzle gives a bit of a tang to the sweetness of the ice cream. Toss the organic fennel seeds in sugar to candy them and add them as a topping to create another depth of flavor.

a jar of homemade strawberry ice cream with fennel seeds and balsamic drizzle

Will you try strawberry ice cream with candied fennel seed?

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