It's Been A While Since We Said Hello!

bright green fields of parsley in israel

Jerry Tenenberg founder of HQOX


It has been awhile since we’ve said hello. We apologize, as it is a major part of the joy of our business to do so. These past months have been very busy and challenging for us, as for everyone, to keep up with the demands and changes in the world.

Our original focus and mission to pioneer global organic ingredient supply succeeded. Our time spent in source countries directly with rural growers gave us the understanding and tools to help farmers implement organic methods. By building a global farmer network of organic projects, this partnership created a reliable and certified organic supply to industry and food manufacturers.
Now, with HQO Express, our focus turns to you the consumer; the home cook, the professional chef, and all who delight in creating delicious food. It has always been our goal to create products that enhance everyday meals, but also bring us closer together with a common passion.

Rosemary fields in giza egypt checked on by the farmers and Jerry
Checking the Rosemary Fields in Giza, Egypt

What better way to bring people together then a great meal—knowing it’s organic, safe, and sustainable, for the farmer as well as the cook.
When we began this mission, we thought it would take a few years to achieve a level of success. Little did we know that the present situation would bring more people together at home, not only for meals, but every aspect of their lives. Our goals became a reality within months not years!
These last six months have tested us all and every aspect of our lives that we hold dear; families, work and our overall quality of life. We’ve been working hard to come through this stronger than ever.

Here’s what we’ve learned:

  1. We are indeed an essential business. We take that seriously and want to provide the most meaningful experience possible.
  2. We must ensure accurate communication with our suppliers and build strong relationships around the world to meet increasing product demands.
  3. We must ensure that our quality and safety standards continue to be met.

We have become stronger through this current global situation; we have become more trusting and grateful for each other.

We appreciate all of you, our customers, as an extended family that helps to change lives and the world with every meal.
We appreciate your support and will continue to strive for excellence. If we have missed that goal on any level, please know that we are working to improve our supply and service through and beyond this unusual time. Growers, manufacturers, shippers and production facilities have all been impacted by the recent global challenge.  
I have personally “broken bread” and enjoyed fantastic meals and flavors with growers in Guatemala, Africa, Indonesia, India, Turkey; in the Gobi Desert, the mountains of China to the tropics of Indonesia. Partaking of food grown with care, prepared with care and shared with care, is one of the finest joys of living.

family gathering over food

eggs tofu and vegetables and fish on dishes

a farmer serving a meal with meat veggies and thousand year old egg
food on leaf of rice plantains

men in china enjoying a meal together

meeting with the farmers in our global community

With perseverance and courage everyone in the organic global ingredient community will continue to provide the freshest, highest quality ingredients, ensuring more ways for you to savor and share your meals with care and joy.

- Jerry Tenenberg
Founder of High Quality Organics

changing the world with every bite

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