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Tea cuppingGlobal Organic Integration, Local Reliability and Delivery

Our R&D experts have been the pioneers in organic product development. Finding flavor and performance solutions, although limited when we began 20 years ago, has become our hallmark of capability.

With innovation at the core of finding solutions, a global reach of source and knowledge combined with in house expertise and experience, delivers product from idea and concept.

And as a leader in organic flavor innovation, we service a very diverse group of customer, cuisine and consumer products.

Our food scientists and research chef’s training and experience deliver effective capabilities; organoleptic and sensory evaluation, reverse engineering, cuisine and flavor profiling along with identifying flavor trends.

Passion for Food and Palette Experience

The HQO chef has a passion for food, beverage, aromatics and flavors. Product Development and solution is based on 30 years of effective food, tea and Botanical experience of knowing how to hear what consumers want, and how to deliver safe, reliable, consistent quality in the final product.

Tea Plantation Kerala IndiaHQO is your partner in creating a sustainable and fiscally responsible flavor profile. Our R&D team has over 12 years of experience, specifically in organic herb, spice and tea formulations: an expertise that is unmatched by our competitors.

Culinary Services

Custom & Proprietary Blends – Minimums required (contact us)

HQO’s product development process begins with ongoing communication that develops into a clear understanding of your vision, brand and product goals. We then develop your blend using our worldwide supply of organic herbs, spices, botanicals and teas along with our knowledge of global trends and formulation expertise. You are intimately involved in the entire process to ensure the product meets your exact needs. Organic, Kosher and Non-GMO certifications are available upon request.

Reverse Engineering – Minimums required (contact us)

HQO can reverse engineer and replicate a conventional formula’s taste and appearance to create an organic equivalent.

Packaging – Minimums required (contact us)

Providing custom packaging allows our customers to streamline the product development process and save time and money.

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Custom & Proprietary – Minimums required (contact us)

HQO is capable of providing the insight and guidance you need to create a one-of-a-kind package that will meet your product and budgetary need

Co-packing or Private Label – Minimums required (contact us)

We’ve proven a reliable partner in the growing category of private label packaging. We can also package under your specific brand or label and to your exact specifications.


Bulk, Wholesale or Retail – Minimums required (contact us)

We’re familiar with the unique challenges bulk, wholesale or retail has in packaging and distribution and can assist you with a wide variety of choices.


Our commitment to sustainability means we strive to provide the most economic and eco-friendly product possible. We look at all aspects of sustainability from renewable materials to minimizing waste and weight for lower transportation costs.

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