Falafels and More with our Organic Parsley and Rosemary

It is a joy to walk through our organic rosemary fields in Argentina, Egypt, Morocco, Peru, Spain, and Turkey. The fragrant evergreen oils perfume your clothing as you walk down the rows of bushes. We capture the freshness and aroma of rosemary into each chef jar. We love to use rosemary for savory dishes such as chicken, meat, soups, stews, and vegetable dishes.

Our organic parsley is grown in Egypt and Israel and is piquant with green grassy notes. This herb's flavor is unlocked when cooked in oils and fats. We also love this herb for its vibrant color. We pride ourselves in organic which means no herbicides nor pesticides are used!

Try making falafels with dried parsley in an air fryer. You'll use less oil, there will be less clean-up, and you'll have a much healthier meal. Put them in a pita bread sandwich or add them on top of salads!

Prepare your drying rack for some delicious dehydrated tomatoes. Sprinkle rosemary and place knobs of garlic into the tomato. Once dehydrated, use them for pizza toppings, savory breads, and salads!

Did you know?
Rosemary was worn by brides for centuries as a symbol of fidelity and love. It was also used in a lotion to wash the feet of a thief, a process thought to stop criminals from committing crimes anymore.

Give your mashed potatoes a little color by adding some organic parsley and butter to the mash. Leave out the cream in this recipe to create a lighter version of your favorite mashed potatoes.

Similarly tasting to potato soup, this one is made with cauliflower and cream. Boil the cauliflower with dried rosemary and other herbs and chicken stock. After blending all of the ingredients, add back to the pot with some cream. Top with more olive oil and herbs to finish the look!

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