Everything Bagel is Here! + New Bag Sizes!

everything bagel seasoning close up in a bowl with onion
jerry teneberg founder of high quality organics


By: Jerry Tenenberg
Founder of High Quality Organics

Growing up as a kid back in the 60s (yes ancient history), and in the culturally diverse area of New York City, it was pretty routine for families, relatives and their friends, to get together and share a meal. There was a prestige for the cook, who would garner accolades for a great experience and a full belly! Someone would unload all of the gossip they had been gathering since the last meal, and when finished, we kids would bolt to the basement where the latest 45 (Google it if you don’t know what it means) would be spinning.

pastrami ruben from new york on rye bread

As we got older, food continued to be what brought friends together. We had a favorite Pizza parlor or donut shop. There was one place with the best pastrami, another with the best rye bread. There was always a place with a certain kind of food, that you could call your own.
But the food had to be good, and what made it good was the flavor.

High Quality Organics Express is born out of my memories of families and friends coming together. Our dedication is to memorable meals made easy with great flavors.
smaller size bags with herbs and provence, lemon pepper, and everything bagel, taco seasoning
We are happy to present to you a new line of great spice blends in practical sizes at a great value. Lemon Pepper, freshly blended with its versatility of use in dressings, chicken dishes, fish and seafood dishes; also makes great chicken wings! Our taco seasoning of course is great for Mexican dishes, but try it on potatoes, chili, pizza, dips and soups. Have you ever had an omelette made with Herbes de Provence? Try it!
But I have to say my favorite new product is the Everything Bagel Blend! We make it with half the salt that most folks use, as it is healthier, but also delivers twice the flavor! Bagels? Sure, but how about savory muffins, or anywhere cream cheese lives, like potatoes and chives? Asian and Mediterranean foods, eggs… ok, where does it not work? In the savory world, garlic, onion, sesame seed, poppy seed and a little salt slammed together is a hit. Then, by baking all these ingredients on bagels, and bringing out all that flavor… yeah, you get it!

But why is it my favorite? Here is a little history..
There are three or four guys, all from the New York area, a couple from Queens, a couple from Brooklyn, who all say, back in the 70’s they invented the everything bagel blend. Being from that area myself, I would have to say that reality is, with all the bagel shops competing with each other, it was just natural to keep trying different toppings, and especially blending ingredients to maximize flavor on that little round bread donut that we have all come to love.

bagel seasoning and 3 bagels sliced

One of these guys said that instead of throwing out all of the spices that were leftover in the work bin at the end of the day he started dipping bagels into that blend.
Another said he had the specific idea to combine flavor full ingredients to top the bagels.

However it happened, it seem to come at the same time in the late 1970s. Coincidently that is when I got into the natural and organic food business so it’s natural for me to enjoy presenting this fantastic topping and ingredient for all of you to use.
And… I still love a good bagel!

- Jerry Tenenberg
Founder of High Quality Organics Express

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