Nutmeg and Cardamom - Exploring African Cuisine

pilau african rice in a green pot being served on a plate by a woman in colorful organge pattern

Nutmeg and Cardamom! Today we're exploring a taste of Africa with these two spices.

Our organic ground Nutmeg is from India, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka. The flavor is highly aromatic, sweet, warm with a woody-like taste. It is a staple in Indonesian, Middle Eastern, African and European cuisines. It can also be made into oil, and mixes well with an array of spices to make dessert spices, and chai.

Our Organic Cardamom has a sweet and strong cooling sensation. Our cardamom is grown in Guatemala and each pod is hand picked. By weight, Cardamom is one of the most expensive spices in the world along with saffron and vanilla!

peanut stew with orange sauce over meat circling a bed of rice

Cubed beef simmered with peanut butter, nutmeg, and chili powder as the main flavors. You can also make this vegetarian by substituting the meat with collard greens or kale. Add peas and carrots in this comforting dish if you wish.

Pronounced "ba-boor-tea", this meal is the national dish of South Africa. The inside is minced beef and lamb with spices such as cardamom, bay leaf, cinnamon, and cloves. The top is made of a creamy egg mixture!

cape town bobotie meat in a casserole dish with a layer of egg on top and bay leaf

Did you know?
Nutmeg was a highly prized possession in the ancient world, as it was used for trading.

pilau african rice in a green pot being served on a plate by a woman in colorful organge pattern

You can make this with and without meat but for this version you can use goat or mutton. Garlic and cardamom are crushed together with a mortar and pestle. It's cooked together with cumin seeds, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon sticks to create the most flavorful rice.

It's the national dish of Cape Verde. This stew has corn or hominy with sausage, pork, cabbage, and red beans. Add just a dash of our organic nutmeg to bring warmth and sweetness to the dish!


cape verde cachupa meat stew with sausage in a red sauce with beans

With our organic nutmeg and cardamom your dish will turn out so flavorful!

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