Seafood Seasoning (more than just salmon!) and Celery Salt

shrimp on toast with arugula and cucumber

Organic Salmon and Seafood seasoning is a classic on grilled and baked salmon including other game fish of the icy cold waters in Alaska, but let's check out some other recipes to use with it. Our salmon and seafood seasoning is made in the USA with organic blended spices including garlic, onion, lemon peel, sea salt, turmeric, it is great as a base marinade or a dry rub.

Our organic Celery Salt is also grown in the USA that's perfect for cocktails, chicken, salads, coleslaw, sausage, seafood and stews. It has a savory and grassy note that's used in Mediterranean and Chinese cuisines.


bloody mary with celery salt and a bacon strip inside


Start the morning off with a cocktail made of tomato juice, hot sauce, smoked paprika, black pepper, vodka, and celery salt. Get creative and top it with a slice of bacon or shrimp on a skewer. Line the rim with more celery salt for a finishing touch.

It's common to use 2 or 3 types of different fish in this pie made with milk, leeks, and potatoes. We like a firmer fish such as salmon, pollock, and cod and our HQO seafood seasoning flavors all of these fish nicely!

a British fish pie shaped as a fish with an olive eye
two burgers with pulled pork topped with coleslaw

Shredded cabbage and carrot made with mayo, mustard, apple cider vinegar, sugar and celery seeds are the main ingredients in this coleslaw. Pair with your favorite spicy dishes such as this pulled pork. The coolness of the coleslaw and the heat the bbq will wake your taste buds!

These crunchy fresh oysters are breaded with corn meal and seasoned with both our High Quality Organics seafood seasoning and celery salt! Try this in a deep fryer or air fryer!

fried oysters with parsley and french fries on a plate


Let us know what your favorite seafood dish is!

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