Organic White Pepper and Minced Onion Recipes

a field of onion bulbs with green stalks shooting from the ground

White pepper is the internal core of the black peppercorn. It is often interplanted with coffee as the post harvest process is similar in removing the outer husk in a series of water baths. The pepper vines grow up the shade trees that canopy the coffee plants below!

Onions are the most important ingredient when not using salt. They trigger the same response with your palate and heighten the sense of taste. The varieties we use are developed over many years and have great flavor and beautiful color!


crispy pork slices on in a bowl of white noodles with a piece of cilantro being pulled by chopsticks



White pepper is used in a lot of Asian cooking as having a clear broth is the ideal end result. White pepper also has a subtler flavor compared to black pepper.



Layer cheese, sliced potatoes, salt and pepper, minced dried onion and sliced red onion on flatbread and toast. This is an onion lovers bread!

red onion and potato slices on a flatbread cutting board with knife

Did you know?

Because there is no evidence of onions due to their easily dissolving tissues, scientists have only drawn hypotheses about where they originated. Many archaeologists believe that they were a staple in ancient food in central Asia, Iran, and West Pakistan.


a fork pulling cheesy mac out of the bowl



To keep with the white on white theme, this cheesy truffle mac is flavored by ground white peppercorn. Add another element of richness by using a little bit of truffle oil.



Hidden in both the stew and the meatballs are our minced onion. Some old family recipes specifically call for dried minced onion to keep the meatball together and full of flavor, so make sure it's organic!

meatballs with carrots in a bowl of stew

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