Organic Tarragon and Oregano Seasoning

a fresh oregano leaf with bright leaves and colors

Our Organic Tarragon leaf is grown in Turkey and the United States. It has a sweet, anise-like flavor and aroma. It's delicious in meat and rice dishes, fish, soups and stews, and sauces. This herb is native to China and Russia, but it didn’t gain popularity across Europe until the 13th Century. By the time colonists came to the Americas, it had gained so much popularity that they took it with them, making it a globally used herb.

Our Organic Oregano is grown in Mexico, Peru, Turkey, and the United States. It has a mildly pungent, bitter, and slightly sweet flavor. Cook with this in a variety of savory dishes and most notably in Italian recipes.

two pouches with rustic lamb cubes with broccoli and green beans

A rustic dish made with lamb, veggies, potatoes that are wrapped in parchment paper. It's seasoned with olive oil, garlic, white wine, and of course our oregano. The parchment paper seals in the juices and flavor. Turn up the heat and unwrap the paper towards the end to let the potatoes get nice and crispy.

Ravioli made with artichoke, tarragon, and ricotta cheese. These little pockets of stuffed pasta taste delicious with a red or white sauce. The tarragon also pairs well with a chicken ravioli too!

a sliced ravioli with tarragon and ricotta inside underneath red sauce and basil

Did you know? 
The Arabs named tarragon “turkhum” which means "little dragon" and could be due to the strong taste or shape of the intricate roots.  

a spread of freshly fried french fries and orange cheese on top with a sprinkle of oregano seasoning

French fries or roasted potatoes flavored with melted cheese and oregano seasoning. It's an addictive table food with a familiar flavor! A fuss-free seasoning with plenty of satisfaction.

Sear chicken on both sides and remove from pan before caramelizing the shallots. Use white wine, chicken stock, and cream to make the delicious sauce. Serve with potatoes or pasta!

a cast iron skillet with seared chicken breast covered with white mushroom sauce

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