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At High Quality Organics we take pride in over 20 years of providing the organic industry with reliable, high-quality, 100% organic, GMO-free and sustainable herbs, spices, botanicals, teas and many other ingredients.

With our new endeavor, HQO Express, our aim is to reach out to professional chefs and small businesses. The good news - we have been overwhelmed with the positive response! We are so grateful for our customers. We want nothing more than to serve you with the best possible service and ingredients.

However, we had an “Oops” moment and ran out of stock on several items. Why did this happen? HQO has the largest, most complete supply of 100% organic ingredients of the highest quality in stock and ready for sale in the US. We strive to sift, grind, blend and pack fresh, producing a consistent, reliable specification. We do our best to anticipate our sales and growth. But recently, the response to our product offering took us by surprise.

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I remember years ago, there was a great television commercial around the time when e-commerce businesses first came on the scene. It showed a group of computer geeks sitting around a computer waiting for their new website to engage the customers. Their eyes open wide when… one click… two clicks, three, ten, 40 and then out the roof!! The smiles disappear.

It hasn't been that crazy for us, but we had to play catch up while maintaining our quality commitments. Internally it has become a very powerful moment, bringing all of the department’s together to analyze where we can improve our process and to fine-tune our comprehensive game plan to continue to grow with success and reliability.

Now, we are very confident that we can stay ahead of the growth and provide the dependability that you deserve.

Just let me add that there will be times when one or two items are out of stock. With the best efforts of our international farmers, supply chain and our own organization, sometimes we are not able to immediately fulfill a particular product. We thought it would be helpful to explain some of the reasons that you may periodically see temporary shortages in items you enjoy.

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Sometimes forces beyond our control limit what products are available. Temperature variations, storms, droughts and other factors can affect the yield of crops and therefore the distribution of these products.

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Our products meet rigorous quality standards in order to deliver the best product possible to you. Quality and safety testing including lab screens for chemicals, heavy metals and microbes (to name a few) in addition to quality checks for consistency in product. We stand behind our goods and these measures assure you’re getting the best possible product. The process can, at times, add time to product availability.

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From farm to table, the food distribution business has many processes that make up the supply chain. Farming, storage, quality control, packaging and distribution require a lot of coordination and fine tuning and at times there are errors in the flow of the process. The good news is that we are constantly finding better and more efficient ways of doing things and our greatest growth comes from the lessons learned when things don’t go right. We continuously improving efficiencies to get you the best organic and sustainable items.


If you have a concern or find we are out of stock on an item you need, please contact info@hqoexpress.comand we will do our best to help you with solutions to procuring the finest organic herbs and spices you available to you.


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