Pink Himalayan Salt and Black Sesame Seeds

himalayan pink salt in large chunks and granules in an antique metal pestle and motor

Organic Himalayan Pink Salt & Black Sesame Seeds

You’ve probably seen pink Himalayan salt in many forms in the past few years. From lamps to facial scrubs to bath salt soaks, it's a mineral with a beautiful pink cast and a good replacement for the usual table salt.

Himalayan pink salt is a pure salt that comes from marine fossil salt deposits and believed to be the purest form of salt available. The pink salt is believed to have been formed 250 million years ago during the Mesozoic era. Although this salt contains many trace minerals, they compose a very small amount making it nutritionally comparable to other salts. Pink salt is, however, free of anti-caking agents that you may find in regular salt. The structure of the salt has more air pockets between the particles so you may end up using less.

We're also featuring black sesame seeds. What's the difference between white sesame seeds and black sesame seeds? Black sesame seeds have their hulls (shells) in tact. The flavor difference is subtle but black sesame seeds have a stronger taste. It's used in more than just everything bagel seasoning - check out some ideas below:

A chunk of ahi tuna medium rare covered with black and white sesame seeds on a bed of green beans and potatoes


Sesame seeds make for a decorative crunch on ahi tuna. Stir together honey, mirin, and sesame oil for the marinade before searing.


Mix together pink Himalayan salt and muddled mint with a creamy tahini sauce. Marinate lamb chops overnight and grill.

5 pieces or raw lamb chops with mint leaves and garlic sauce and pink himalayan salt

Did you know?

 Pink salt is mined from the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan. It’s the second largest salt mine in the world and was said to have been discovered in 320 BC by Alexander the Great’s horse.

mochi rice balls with red bean filling in the middle covered with black and white sesame seeds
Black sesame seeds are popular in Asian desserts. This Japanese mochi daifuku is made of chewy sweet rice filled with ground black sesame and sugar. Add both black and white sesame seeds to the outside for a nice pattern color.


Encrust your steak with pink Himalayan salt prior to putting in the smoker or grill. When combined with coarse pepper, it creates the most incredible simple to make flavor!

medium rare steak cut into strips on a cutting board with pink Himalayan salt

Do you like to cook with sesame seeds or pink Himalayan salt? Let us know in the comments below!

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