Chinese Peruvian Food

lomo saltado - beef stir fry with peppers and onions with fries and rice

If you have ever been to Peru, you may have noticed many restaurants called "Chifas" serving Chinese-Peruvian food. How did this become to be about? In the 19th century, Peru was booming in the agricultural business and needed a larger workforce. Chinese people crossed the Pacific to work and overtime aspects of the cultures blended. After their indenture contracts were up, they opened up their own restaurants. In Cantonese, "chi" means to eat, while "fan" means rice. This is how the name "chifa" was born.

We're featuring Peruvian and Chinese Peruvian dishes below:


It's a delicious stir fry of steak, tomatoes, soy sauce, ground cumin, and french fries served over rice. It is one of the most popular dishes in Peruvian cuisine today.

peruvian chinese food - lomo saltado on a plate made of beef stir fry with fries and rice

arroz chaufa made of shrimp scrambled eggs fried with dried garlic

Arroz chaufa is Chinese fried rice served in Peru. This dish is made up of rice and can be cooked in a wok with most any ingredients. This one contains shrimp and the scrambled eggs are fried with oil and dried minced garlic!

Raw fish such as halibut is used and is "cooked" by soaking in salt and lime juice for a few hours in the fridge. Seasoned with ground cumin, paprika, ground chili pepper, and tossed with tomatoes, avocado, onion, and jalapeno; it's a refreshing meal on a hot day.

peruvian ceviche in bowl with avocado onion and jalapeno

bowl of peruvian quinoa soup with a spoon of quinoa next to it

It's a feel-good hearty soup when you're up in the mountains in high elevation. Quinoa and vegetable soup with carrots, squash, potatoes, zucchini, and minced garlic!


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