Organic Parsley Leaf
Organic Parsley Leaf
Organic Parsley Leaf
Organic Parsley Leaf
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High Quality Organics Express Parsley Leaf
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Organic Parsley Leaf

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Product Type: Whole, Organic
Quantity: 4 oz Chef Jar
Origin: Egypt, Israel
Flavor: Piquant and characteristic
Aroma: Aromatic with green grassy nose
Culinary Applications: Used as a garnish, broth, sauces, and in savory dishes
History: It was not a food source until recent centuries.Parsley was ironically placed around the necks of newlyweds in Roman weddings because it was supposed to ward off evil spirits!
Farming and Harvesting: Grown as a leaf crop, from seed

Description: Enhance your culinary creations with our Organic Parsley Leaf, a vibrant and versatile herb that adds a touch of freshness and herbaceous flavor to your dishes. Sourced from sustainably grown parsley plants, our parsley leaves are carefully dried and processed to preserve their bright green color, delicate aroma, and slightly peppery taste. Whether you're garnishing a gourmet meal, adding depth to soups and stews, or creating vibrant herb sauces, our Organic Parsley Leaf is the perfect way to elevate your cooking with a touch of garden-fresh goodness.

Ingredients: Organic Parsley Leaf, Petroselinum crispum, Leaf; dried and cut

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Storage and packaging: Store under cool, dry conditions in sealed containers.

Shelf Life: Product shelf life is dependent on storage conditions and is highly variable. Product should be stored under cool, dry conditions and in a humidity controlled environment. Industry standard for product is 24 months.

Microbial Data: E. Coli - <10 cfu/g Salmonella - Negative/25g

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