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Organic Pink Himalayan Salt

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Product Type: Granular, Organic
Quantity:  46 oz Chef Jar
Origin: Pakistan
Flavor: Saline, briny, typical of sea salt. The taste difference between generic iodized table salt and Pink Himalayan salt comes from the lack of chemical “burn” from the additives.
The natural salts will have a different texture and flavor when dissolved in water to test the taste. However, when the salt dissolves in the food, there won’t be a perceptible flavor difference.

Aroma: Barely perceptible
Culinary Applications: Cooks and bakers should always check the granular size of the salt they use. Regular table salt is very fine, so when transitioning to a natural sea salt or Himalayan salt, one will find a much more consistent and uniform granulation.
A chef or baker will find they will use less and have much more flavor consistency with steady use. Also, with natural salts, the more consistent and larger granules when applied to food just before serving, will produce a better experience and flavor.

History: Himalayan salt deposits come from sea beds developed as much as 800 million years ago, when shallow seas evaporated following seismic geological activity. They formed large (150 mile) salt ranges.The Khewra Salt Mine in what is now Pakistan, is the largest and was discovered when Alexander the Great, during his Indian campaign, crossed into the region. The mine was discovered, when Alexander’s horses were found licking the stones. There is evidence of salt mining in the 11th century, however documented history began in the 1500’s.

Farming and Harvesting: Himalayan salt is mineral-rich and sourced from pristine ancient sea beds. The pink and various other colors are a result of the varied trace minerals.

Ingredients: Organic Himalayan Salt, Natural Himalayan salt mined from the salt mines

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Storage and packaging: Store under cool, dry conditions in sealed containers.

Shelf Life: Product shelf life is dependent on storage conditions and is highly variable. Product should be stored under cool, dry conditions and in a humidity controlled environment. Industry standard for product is 24 months.

Microbial Data: E. Coli - <10 cfu/g Salmonella - Negative/25g

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